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Hamburg Brewing Company slated to open Summer 2013!

Last year (and the year before), I was excited about “Mainspring Brewery”, a brew-pub that was supposed to open a few blocks away from my residence in Hamburg.  Location #1 fell through, and then, as far as I know, funding fell through after the second location was decided upon.  (If this is not accurate, please [...]

Flying Bison and KegWorks collaborate….

Do you love Buffalo? Do you love beer? Do you love wings? Then the boys at Flying Bison and KegWorkds offer you Buffalo Wing Lager! Check out the video of this one of a kind collaboration! April Fools!

Here’s Hoping Flying Bison Revisits “BOB” Ordinary Bitter

A few weeks ago, I decided it’d been entirely too long since I paid a visit to the good people at Flying Bison Brewing Company.  With the brewery (located on Ontario St.) situated vaguely between my home and office, I’ve kicked myself on many-a-Friday for not bringing an empty growler to fill up during their [...]

Buffalo Beer Week is Underway!

If you’ve not attended either of the great events Scott posted about last week, have no fear – there are still plenty of Buffalo Beer Week events headed your way.  So, if we don’t get that alleged Frankenstorm and you’re able to turn on lights and leave your house and shit sometime in the next [...]

Micro’s @ Marcy Beer Festival, October 27th…wow!

I think I’ll let the flyer speak for itself: There are plenty of beers in the line-up I would love to try.  I do think the extra $10 for the VIP tickets would be worth it.  Support this event.  Support Buffalo Beer Week, which runs October 26th – November 4th.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Where have you gone, oh Mainspring Brewery?

I tend to get excited when I hear that a new brewery will be opening less than two miles from my home.  That was the case with Mainspring Brewery, which was slated to open in Spring 2013, in the village of Hamburg.  A few months ago, I realized I had not heard any new information [...]

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

I’m officially back on the IPA bandwagon.  I took a much needed break for almost a year, but this insane summer heat has rekindled my IPA flame.  I’ve been drinking Flying Bison’s take on the style quite a bit recently, but have yet to talk about it here.  Does anyone else feel like Flying Bison [...]

Community Beer Works first offering, “Frank”, available this Friday, April 20th!

Where? Cole’s and Mister Goodbar. What kind of beer? “Frank” is a pale ale.  It is CBW‘s flagship beer.  Who can turn down a good pale ale? “The Whale”, which is a brown ale, will be their second offering.  It will not be available tomorrow, but I’m pretty excited to sample it in the near [...]

Update: Mainspring Brewery lands new location in the Village of Hamburg….

*Note: This is an update.  I originally posted the wrong location of the new brewery.  Thank you to those who corrected my mistake! Last August, I was very excited to find signage for Mainspring Brewery.  I wrote about it here.  The Hamburg/Orchard Park area is the perfect area for this type of business.  The fantasy [...]

Flying Bison Strikes Again With Buffalo Brindle Porter

Seriously, who ever heard of Buffalo Brindle Porter? There is exactly one review on BeerAdvocate.com of this beer, and the minimal info listed there includes the fact that it was limited, and brewed once. Since I happened to be lucky enough to cop a pint last night, I figured I’d write up a review of [...]