First fermentation inside the White House?

You didn't expect Obama to be drinking from a faded Buffalo Bills pint glass, did you?

I tend to stay far, far away from discussions about politics.  However, I had to share this great article that I found about Obama.  The blog Obama Foodorama reported that the 44th president served homemade  ”White House Honey Ale” at a Super Bowl party in January. The beer was brewed in the White House.

The honey came from Michelle Obama’s garden beehive, another White House first. About 100 12-ounce bottles were served and all were gone by the end of the party.

The Foodorama article says Obama is the first president since George Washington to homebrew beer, and since  Washington never lived in the White House, Obama (or his chef) is the first to stew up a hoppy concoction at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

White House curator Bill Allman reported that “even during Prohibition in the 1920s, when all of America was dry, there is no record of home brewing or distilling at the White House. He did admit that “there was some consumption of illegal alcoholic beverages.”  Nice.

The White House will release the recipe after a few tweaks.

Positive or negative, say what you wish about Obama.  Just be sure that I’m out of the room and don’t have to listen to it.  Regardless, this is some interesting history in the making, and proves how much the art of homebrewing continues to grow.

[Pictures source:  Obama Foodorama]


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  2. That’s a pretty awesome article. Gotta be so sweet to have a staff of chefs.