Is Sam Adams Switching Up Their Spring Seasonal Again?

If you’re a craft beer drinker, you may recall a time when the powerhouse Boston Beer Company (known colloquially as Samuel Adams) used to put out a White Ale for their Spring Seasonal brew. I generally shy away from Sam Adams, but that’s mostly the product of having thousands of other beers to try–I actually find many of their brews to be quite good. This witbier was no exception to that, a well-executed Belgian white that was perfect for Springtime.

Sam Adams White Ale Label

A couple of Springs back, Sam then released their Noble Pils, a tasty concoction brewed with all five noble hops – the result was a light-bodied beer full of bright, not-too-bitter hop flavor. This pilsner was apparently a fan favorite, as the brewery wasted no time in selecting it to replace the White Ale as their Spring seasonal for 2010 and 2011. White Ale was still available in the Winter Classics pack in 2010, but I don’t believe I saw it in the 2011 Winter mix pack, which was a departure from packs of yesteryear, with beers like the Cranberry Lambic were replaced (I could be wrong about no White Ale, I actually only saw the pack at other people’s holiday parties).

Sam Adams Noble Pils Label

There’s some indication that this is all changing yet again in 2012. There is no officially released word as far as I can tell, but as I enjoyed a happy hour beverage last night, I got a peek the coaster for the new Sam Adams Spring Seasonal – called Alpine Spring. Information on this beer is not yet available on the Sam Adams website, but you can see reviews at Beer Advocate and some other sites, and the coasters have definitely been sent out to bars. The label (at least the one I found via Google Images) describes the beer as a “Bright, Citrusy Unfiltered Lager”. Beer advocate has it classified as a Helles Lager, which sounds about right. I’d expect fruity hop notes and some Munich-ish malt flavor with a clean finish. Sounds pretty danged tasty right about now.

Sam Adams Alpine Spring Label

Despite the lack of official word, given bars already having Alpine Spring swag and the word “Spring” being right in the name, I’m assuming that this is replacing Noble Pils as this year’s Spring seasonal from Sam Adams.

Winter has barely started here in Western New York, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Spring seasonals will start rolling out this month. Has anyone seen Alpine Spring at stores or on tap around Buffalo yet? I’m curious to give this beer a shot. I’m also crossing my fingers that Noble Pils will be available this year despite not being the featured seasonal… it’s quite delicious.


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  2. Alpine Spring has replaced Noble Pils as the new Spring seasonal brew. Noble Pils will still be available though. Because it was so popular last year, Noble Pils will now be available year round. That’s why the Spring seasonal was replaced with Alpine Spring. Judging by the reviews on Beer Advocate, it seems to be very good. I’m all for having a new great Spring beer to try and still getting my Noble Pils all year long!

  3. Dave – thanks for the info! This makes more sense than doing away with Noble Pils, I just wasn’t sure whether it’d be relegated to mix packs or if it was becoming a mainstay.

  4. I can tell you this, if Sam Adams replaces noble pills I will be leading the “occupy Boston” movement!!!! !@#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@! this was all time favorite beer to date in my 37 years of life! NOT COOL Sam! NOT COOL!!!!

  5. I know we are in the deep south from Buffalo but Applebee’s in Olean has the Alpine Spring on tap already. I went for a Winter Lager but they had that instead. It was still good, I liked it better than the Noble Pils

  6. I know that Sam Adams is sometimes referred to as the “generic” craft beer option. I understand that opinion. However, you definitely know exactly what you’re getting with any Sam Adams brew. I always keep a 12 pack of their seasonal in my fridge.

    With that said, the popularity of Noble Pils is shocking to me. You throw Brand X IPA on a tap and nobody is going to order it. Because it’s Sam Adams and its a “safe” option, people are falling in love with the hoppy concoction.

    This, of course, is great for the craft beer community. Sam Adams has become a gateway craft beer! If you love Noble Pils, don’t be afraid to explore some great local micro IPAs!

  7. Hey, great post, because I too am a HUGE Samuel Adams White Ale fan, and I’m very disappointed right now, because I can’t find it anywhere!? The employee at my local liquor store says that White Ale is discontinued!?

    No, it wasn’t in the 2011 ‘Holiday Pack’ this year. The beers in there were 2 – Boston Lager, 2 – Winter Lager, 2 – Old Fezziwig, 2 – Holiday Porter, 2 – Chocolate Bock, and 2 – Black and Brew. The ‘Black and Brew’ was a new expresso coffee-flavored stout that replaced the White Ale, in the ‘Holid Pack’.

    Yes, Nobil Pils will now be available year round, because ‘Alpine Springs’ has replaced it as the new Spring Seasonal beer. I have tried the ‘Alpine Spring’, and it is a unfiltered beer that taste like it is a mix between Sam Adams White Ale and Sam Adams Summer Ale.

    They have another new beer out as well that is similiar to the White Ale. It’s called ‘Whitewater IPA’. The label states that it is a ‘White Ale Wheat beer brewed with spices and fruit’. The fruit used in the beer are Grapefruit and Apricots. It too is a cloudy, unfiltered beer. It has a strong aroma of Apricots. When you drink it, it has a strong Grapefruit flavor, with a hint of Apricot. To me it would be a good drinking Summer beer, on a hot day, if you like Grapefruit that is!!!!!


    I wrote to Samuel Adams today through their website, and asked them if they are still making their ‘White Ale’ beer. I received a response from them, and here is what they said:

    Dear Customer, We have no plans to make White Ale this year, as far as I know. We havent discontinued it BUT we did put it on hold for the time being. Thank you for your email and your interest in the great beers here at the Boston Beer Company. Cheers, Consumer Relations.

    WOW, this really sucks, as their White Ale was one of my favorites!!! Samuel Adams still has their ‘Imperial White’ which is part of their ‘Imperial Series’ collection. It’s expensive though! $10 bucks for a 4 pack! YES, A 4 PACK NOT a 6 pack.

    I guess if your a Sam Adams fan, thats your only option now, unless you go with the other new one mentioned above called Whitewater IPA, which is a White Ale with Apricot and Grapefruit added.

    Either I will be stuck paying $10 bucks for a 4 pack of their Imperial White Ale, or I will just buy Hoegaarden White, which is considered to be one of the BEST White Ale beers ought there. Hoegaarden is imported from Belgium, and it goes for about $8.99 for a 6 pack. It has a nice White color, and is unfiltered and VERY CLOUDY, as it is LOADED with spices!!!!!